"You've hit the ball out the park! Incredible!"


"It was really refreshing to have a sales call that was so quick and helpful. I really appreciated you assessing our needs so fast and offering various products to meet those needs on a free trial basis, with no obligation to purchase."

Helen Wilson

"As a number of staff were experiencing neck and shoulder pain, your height adjustable monitor arms have made a big difference and also allows us the flexibility to turn the screen to clients and/ or staff for training purposes. The lumbar support in the ergonomic chairs have removed the back ache I constantly had. Having the opportunity to trial for one week was beneficial in helping us decide."

Dianne Bowyer CA

"I've noticed a definite improvement to my neck and shoulder area with the new monitor stands. I also find it a lot easier to work with my documents in front of me as suggested rather than beside me. These subtle changes have made a huge difference to a problem I never even knew was caused by incorrect set up of my work area."


"IG Ergonomics have been great in providing a tailored solution for my neck and back problems. The service was great with particular attention taken to educate and inform me of the ideal set up and how this was going to help with the discomfort I was feeling."

Andrew Rancie