Wrist Extension

Wrist Extension:

With wrist extension, your wrists are bent up and back such that the fingers are higher than the wrist joint. This greatly reduces blood circulation through the wrist and hand and can quickly cause pain, fatigue and numbness. Most traditional keyboards have a positive 10 degree slope from front to back that promote wrist extension. Unfortunately most keyboard users do not demonstrate perfect keying technique, but rather drop their wrists into a dangerously extended posture over the front edge of the keyboard and onto the work surface.

In order to reduce/eliminate wrist extension the Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard has a zero degree slope from front to back that greatly reduces extension. Additionally, optional padded palm supports can be purchased that attach to the front edge of the Freestyle2, thereby, positioning your wrist in a completely neutral position - at the same elevation as your forearm and hand. The VIP3 accessory also include integrated palm supports.