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Date added: 12/10/2012 Standing Ovation

With academic papers with titles like “Your Chair, Comfortable but Deadly” and research papers calling sitting “the new smoking” it’s not hard to work out why the sitters of the world are “Taking a Stand”. 

 Sitting all day is harmful for your health. Quite simply, we weren’t designed to sit all day and the negative impact that sitting has on employee health and productivity is astounding. Weight gain, heart problems, diabetes, metabolic syndromes, blood clots and some musculoskeletal disorders are just some of the problems to have been associated with excessive sitting.

For some people standing is easy as you regularly move from one activity to the other and sitting down can be a relief. Unfortunately for most, the day has ended before you’ve had the opportunity to free yourself from your chair and the option of standing while you work isn’t available. What to do?

 The solution can sometimes be as simple as taking regular breaks, discouraging internal emails so employees have to get up and walk to communicate or moving the water fountain or printer further away. Simple behavioral changes can often have a huge impact.

 Unfortunately for those of us tied to a desk or computer all day, simple behavioral changes whilst beneficial can be impractical and negatively impact productivity. For us, sit-stand systems are invaluable. Sit- stand systems allow you to quickly and effortlessly move from the ideal standing position to a seated position in seconds and with modular options like laptop, iPad, phone and multi screen attachments provide the unlimited flexibility to adapt to your exact requirements. 

IG ErgonomicsOnline.com.au stock a comprehensive range of fixed and modular sit-stand solutions designed to adapt to a users changing behavioral and technology needs. Popular brands like Ergotron and the new multi award winning Integ range are only a few, and with mounting options to suit any desk, workstation or work environment you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Workers of the world unite and take a stand!


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