In todays business world, office workers spend a significant amount of time on the telephone and depending on your job this can range from half an hour to 3-4 hours per day. The requirement to multi-task during our conversations forces us to squeeze the handset between our ear and shoulder causing what medical experts are now referring to as TNS (telephone neck syndrome).

With our comprehensive range of telephone solutions you can reduce workplace pain, stress & injury and improve productivity. 

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Crinia C7 Wireless Headset


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The latest DECT 6.0/ CAT-ig wireless technology powers the Crinia C7 to an average operating range of 150 metres between the headset and base station.... More

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ADDCOM ADD670 Wireless Headset

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The ADD670 wireless telephony headset was specially developed for intensive use in and around the workstation. With LIVE SWAP technology the ADD670... More

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ADDCOM ADD680 Wireless Headset

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The ADD680 wireless headset telephone and PC system has been developed to allow you to talk effortlessly on either your telephone or PC, when you're at your... More

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GN9330e-OC USB Wireless Headset
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GN9330 USB is for use with VoIP telephony and the first wireless office headset to offer wide band audio. A 6.8kHz frequency bandwidth, twice as large as... More

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