Ergo - Fit Product Fitment Program

Selecting the right products for you or your team is crucial. Every body is different and research shows that by providing the right products and optimum workstation configuration, employee productivity is increased, error rate is decreased and work related injury or strain is dramatically reduced.

We understand that not every organisation has the time, resources or experience to conduct individual employee workstation evaluations, document observations for OH&S compliance and source individual product solutions which is why IG Ergonomics have developed the Ergo- Fit Product Fitment Program.

Our experienced team members will attend at your office and conduct a thorough workstation evaluation for each of your staff, provide individual written observations for OH&S compliance, and supply & install all recommended product solutions on a FREE 10 day trial basis.

Here’s how it works;

Complete our online booking request form or call one of our team on 039587 8397

We’ll email the booking confirmation to you along with an introduction pack that includes some material to be circulated to your employees prior to our Ergo-Fit Team member attending.

On arrival our Ergo-Fit Team member will spend a few minutes with you to discuss any issues and to ensure the evaluations are conducted with your objectives in mind. In most cases, yours will be the first evaluation conducted to give you a first hand understanding of the process.

On completion of the evaluations our Ergo-Fit Team member will provide you with written observations for each of your staff including any product recommendations. They will also arrange a suitable time to return and individually fit each of the product recommendations as required.

At the end of the FREE 10 day trial period our Ergo-Fit Team member will contact you to ensure the products supplied have in fact resolved the issues as intended or to discuss alternative product solutions where required.

Headache, Migraine, Wrist, Elbow, Neck/Shoulder, Lower Back pain all drain energy from your body, contribute to absenteeism and in 95% of cases, can be resolved with a correctly fitted chair or properly configured workstation.

Contact us today and see how we can help you improve productivity and add value to your business.

Terms & Conditions

 The Ergo-Fit Product Fitment Program is a free service, however, a minimum commitment of $250.00 is required.

Online bookings will be accepted for a minimum of 10 evaluations per attendance. For bookings of less than 10 evaluations please phone our Ergo-Fit Team on 03 9587 8397. IG Ergonomics reserves the right to reject any booking without prejudice.

**IG Ergonomics reserves the right to refuse to conduct an evaluation on an individual employee without prejudice.

A cancelation fee of $250 applies to all cancelations with less than 24 hours notice.

All product recommendations will be provided as “new never used” products and must be implemented for the 10 day trial period.

At the completion of the 10 day trial period any products not returned or not returned in accordance with our Returns Policy will be invoiced to you.

Refunds, returns and exchanges will be in accordance with our general Terms and Conditions of Sale and Returns Policy.

If for any reason the final invoice value is less than $250.00 evaluations will be charged at $30.00 per evaluation with a minimum charge of $250.00.

All payments will be in accordance with our general Terms and Conditions of Sale. You must accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

**Where an Ergo-Fit Team member is advised or becomes aware that an individual employee has an underlying serious medical condition contributing to their workplace discomfort, they will recommend the employee be referred to an Occupational Therapist for an Ergonomic Assessment and further recommendations.